Saturday, July 2, 2011

Relationships from my view

In a recent quest for answers to several questions running through my head I managed to uncover some serious but real talk concerning relationships. Everyone has their own take on men/women based on their experiences with them. Which means I have one as well. Let me just clear this myth up right quick for all those who think there are no "good ones" left. There is someone out there for you!!!!!!!! Now back to my take on men/women. As far as women go I believe every woman wants love and to be loved. Every woman desires the wonderful family life at some point in their life. Women are emotional creatures so everything they do is based on emotions and how they feel at that particular time. Emotions can be a dangerous thing to a woman if not handled correctly because she can take it to different levels. Just because a woman wants a man does not mean that she needs him. As a woman we want a lot of things but that in no way means we need them. Women were not created to be needy ppl but needed ppl. Some where along the way women have lost sight of their true worth and began to settle for less than they are ought to. In due time all women will wake up again to see the beauty that lies with in and walk in it again. When it comes to men I think all men are not dogs. Most men have developed a selfish attitude towards women based on things they went through. I think for both sexes it has to come to a point where we both stop talking so much and start listening a little bit more. Relationships would last a little bit more and have more substance if we put in time, put in love, respect, honesty, trust, commitment, and God. We have allowed people's views and opinions to form our belief about each other. Those days when men open doors, pull out seats, take the check, hold down the bills, romance the lady, etc. are diminishing at a high rate of speed. It's becoming more accepted because women allow it to be so. A man is not going to know what a women likes and how unless she communicates. A woman is not going to know how and what a man wants unless he communicates. Everybody is busy communicating with everybody else except the one you are involved with. I believe there can still be solid relationships if we seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

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