Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dont let it be said too late

For every female who’s ever been in an abusive situation pay close attention to this:

Looking in the mirror and what do I see an unrecognizable face looking back at me. Broken bones frame my face. Bumps and bruises all over the place. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Was it the time he put me through a wall or slap me cause I was on the phone. Maybe it was putting the kids first that made his anger burst. As my blood trails the walls and floors fist holes in almost every door I think to my self how could this be I’m dying inside and I feel so empty. When he pulls up and the door opens I wipe my eyes quickly and get the last tear in. My outer shell putting on being as fake as a front lace all the while remembering the look on my kids face. As he drags me through the house, throws me on the couch, busts my lip cause he thinks another man is what I been with. As dinner is going okay I asked him how was your day immediately I became the prey hoping God let’s me see another day. Punch after punch hit after hit his voice says get back here you think you slick. Now I know you’re wondering why I allow him to control me . 10 yrs 3 kids I’m in this too deep. Don’t worry I got a plan though just as soon as he lets me go. I have some money put away that I was saving for a rainy day. I will take the car and leave even though its hard for you to believe. As so many thoughts run through my mind can’t help but wonder will this be the last time. Suddenly the hits stop coming but then he starts running. My body seems to be falling, on Jesus I am calling. But at last its too late I finally face my fate. Guess you are wondering what happened to me. Let me try to paint the picture clearly. I no longer have to think outside the box because now I live in one. I died that night at the hands of an abusive man. So when u feel you’re too scared to leave remember my voice saying YOU CAN.

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