Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Forgiveness has always been a touchy subject for me until recently. Someone does something to you and the first response is usually revenge or hold a grudge. Grudges create bitterness and resentment. Both which can lead to unhappiness, depression, confusion, etc.. Some may ask what is the point of forgiveness? Have you ever heard people say you forgive for you not for them? That is very true. There are unanswered prayers and stacked up blessings simply because some of us won't allow ourselves to forgive. We block our own progress, our own freedom, our own blessings when we choose to harbor old feelings and anger. That is not the life God has designed for us to live in hurt and hate. Keeping emotions bottled up because we are afraid of what others may say or think.

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.(John 8:36) How can you be completely free when you are still bound mentality? You are holding your mind hostage because you won't go to them and get it right. At times going to the other person is not an option. In that case you have to give it to God and leave it there. Let him mend the hurts. There are things we have to grab hold of and never let go. Like the fact that its not about us but its about Jesus. All hurts were not because of something you did wrong.  There is no hurt that God cannot heal but we have to surrender to Him for that to happen. We can't say, " I give it to you God" on today and pick it right back up tomorrow. When you release it you never return to it. 

This next point is going to set somebody free. Sometimes you have to be okay with the sorry you never got. Forgiveness takes power. You have to put your ego to the side and let God work on your inside. It's not an easy process nor is it an overnight process but it is a rewarding process. Stay in God's presence and He will guide you through.

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