Friday, October 5, 2012

The Proof is in the Pudding

After going through dead end relationships and heartbreak to which it seems to be no end I had made a decision. That decision being to simply take a break from this cycle that was spinning out of control in my life. I have already done the broken promises and the good talk game. I was fed up with the imposters of love. I had too many tears filling my eyes to see the real thing. One day after analyzing the many wounds and scars that have made a home in my heart I was approached by this man. My first thoughts were, "Here we go again, another empty dream or broken promise." He said, "I want the chance to be number one in your life. To give you everything you need and some. I want the opportunity to love you unconditionally and give you a lifetime commitment." With tears in my eyes I said firmly, "I heard it all before, what makes you different and why me?" Then he whispered in my ear,"Because I love you." So I whispered back in his ear," PROVE IT!" He then opened his hands towards me and as I saw the nail prints in his hands he looked at me and smiled and said,"THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING."

By Lady A

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