Sunday, August 7, 2011


I believe everyone reaches a point in their life where they want different things and better things for themselves. In order to achieve these things a change has to take place. Whether the change comes in the form of a job, your appearance, or even the people around you. We hate to say goodbye to things and people because we get caught up and use to having them around that we expect them to be there always. Sometimes in order to get to your next journey you have to pack lightly. You cannot carry all the baggage into your new journey that you had on your last trip. You have to rid yourself of past hurts, aches, pains, people. People can and will be your biggest hindrance if you let them be. Some just cannot accept the fact that you want more for yourself and they honestly want to see you fail. I say to you now BUNK ‘EM. Just do you.

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