Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bills over Blessings

I am noticing a big trend in this day and time that is becoming very costly. People are confusing a blessing with a bill. Now you may be asking," What does that mean?". I will tell you. First I want to say the blessings of God are abundant and HE pours them out as HE sees fit. One thing I want to say about a blessing is if God gave it to you HE will bless you with the means to maintain it. Sometimes people come across what looks like a good deal and immediately they say this must be my blessing. That is not always the case. When it's a blessing you don't have to struggle to get, maintain, or keep it.

People get discouraged when they see someone with a new house or a new car. They feel left out or feel like God has overlooked them. That is not always the case either. Pay attention to the struggle that person has in keeping that item. If there is a struggle behind it that was not a blessing from God but rather a bill the created. Keep your head up people of God. What God has in store for you is so far beyond what your imagination can come up with. In due time your abundance will roll in. You won't have to struggle just thank God for it and enjoy it. Let the naysayers keep their bills and you just wait on your blessings! Smooches

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